Anyone can tell a story, but not everyone can do it well.


We love telling good stories well.

Kyle Malkin Films was established in 2014 by Kyle Malkin and has produced video projects ranging from commercials to a television pilot (“Leviathan”) to real estate home video tours.

Kyle Malkin - Owner / Filmmaker

Kyle Malkin is an award-winning American Filmmaker, Writer, and Musician. Kyle began making films as a child with his younger brothers ranging from LEGO stop-motion war movies to cheesy Indiana Jones parodies. As Kyle realized his passion for creating, his hobbies soon become serious endeavors.


Kyle initially focused on professional filmmaking as a music composer. By the time Kyle received his Bachelors of Music from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2011, he had written music for nearly 25 short films and commercials and interned for Hollywood composer, Brian Tyler, on franchises like "Fast & Furious" and "Battle: Los Angeles." While in school, Kyle found that he had a passion for telling not only other people's stories but also his own, so he began making short films as well. In 2012, Kyle co-founded a film production company called Easily Amused Productions alongside his younger brother Cory, and together they produced several films and commercials including the award-winning “The Woodsman and The Farmer” (Special Marquee Award at the 2014 American Movie Awards). When Cory entered college, they dissolved the LLC, and Kyle founded his own production company, Kyle Malkin Films. He was awarded 3 Telly Awards in 2019 for his work on Defendry's "Meet ART" video and Scottsdale Christian Academy's "2019 Fundraising Gala Video". Kyle also served as Marketing Director for Ryver LLC (a team collaboration software company) and Defendry LLC (a physical security & law enforcement technology company) from July 2018 to May 2021.

Kyle operates Kyle Malkin Films as a sole proprietor and contracts his teams on a per-project basis. Kyle's passion for telling good stories and his connections to talented craftspeople that share his dedication allows him to create top-quality work at affordable prices. Kyle considers his most important accomplishment in life to be his decision to put his faith in Jesus Christ.




We specialize in story production.


Simply put, we are professional storytellers.  And notably, we don't just make videos. We can help you tell your story in a variety of ways ranging from marketing copywriting, to website construction, to even fundraising. Good storytelling is a craft, and the principles of storytelling can be applied to just about any medium.


Why should you hire someone to help you tell your story? Afterall, you know your story better than anyone else. True. However, knowing how to communicate it most effectively is not so easy to do.


That’s where we come in. We are committed to understanding your story inside-and-out before we begin production so that we communicate what really needs to be said, and leave out everything that doesn't. It takes expert craftsmanship to do that well, and that's why we don't just have a standard production assembly line in our business. We take your project from idea to final product in a fully-customized, compelling, exciting, and effective way. 


Contact us to find out more about how we can help you tell your story well.



What Our Clients Say

"Kyle and his crew created a professional, memorable film for our Senior class during COVID-19. They did so on an expedited timeline, and they made the process easy for everyone involved. Highly recommend!"

Paul Weinhold

Headmaster of North Phoenix Preparatory Academy (Emeritus)

"Kyle Malkin is the consummate professional and a highly personal and virtuous man. He has produced at least 5 tribute videos for our school, each one surpassing expectations in quality, timeliness, and enjoyment. He plans meticulously but can also improvise in a moment's need when necessary. He is magnificent to work with, and his work is top notch."

Brett Gilfillan

Headmaster of Scottsdale Preparatory Academy

"[Kyle] poured his heart into our project, and cared as much as we did about the final product... I unequivocally and highly recommend Kyle to anyone looking for a quality video product, and we will most certainly be using him again."

Dr. Brent M. Hodges

Superintendent of Scottsdale Christian Academy

"Kyle is a master storyteller. He was a delight to work with, under promised, over delivered, and was well worth the investment."

Bryce Bouchard

Founder of Noblemen Ministries



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