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Personal Financial Strategy

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branding + strategy + graphic design


The Challenge

Personal Financial Strategy (PFS) was struggling in its early startup days to acquire new clients. The core issue seemed to be a lack of presentation clarity in a way that strongly established consumer trust (which is especially critical in the financial services business), so we set out to change this by helping both PFS and it’s owner, Tony, appear as trustworthy as they really are.

The Results

Today, PFS has a compelling “digital business card” — a web-wide presentation that makes it easy for prospective & existing clients to understand why they can trust PFS to help them most strategically manage their personal finances. We re-organized the brand’s story with an emphasis on (1) improving clarity of the available services, (2) emphasizing Tony’s qualifications, and (3) optimizing design and navigation (UI/UX) of the website & resources. We then produced an overview video.



PFS Before 1_sm.png

Key Weaknesses

  • The top Headline was a non-action-oriented service description (just facts) instead of a benefit-oriented call to action action (CTA)

  • The services offered were not clear

  • The emphasis on free offerings preceded any establishment of trust through social proof or explanation of Tony’s credentials


PFS After 1_sm.png


  • The top Headline is now a benefit-oriented call to action (CTA) 

  • The services offered are now simple and clear

  • The emphasis on social proof (testimonials) and explanation of Tony’s credentials that follows immediately establishes PFS & Tony as trustworthy experts who can deliver the services offered

Personal Financial Strategy Overview

Personal Financial Strategy Overview

Play Video


PFS Before 2_sm.png

Key Weaknesses

  • The descriptions of the services offered were fairly vague, and the definition of a “wining personal financial strategy” was unclear


PFS After 2_sm.png


  • The “Proven Process” is clearly defined, and “The Optimal Growth Plan” (the paid service) was made to look the most exciting and beneficial through use of imagery, stronger copy (text), color, and other design elements

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