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Visiting Shadow's Grave (from Silent Echo)

Kyle Malkin
Visiting Shadow's Grave (from Silent Echo)
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Visiting Shadow's Grave (from Silent Echo)

Visiting Shadow's Grave (from Silent Echo)

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Silent Echo - Introduction & Opening Scene

Silent Echo - Introduction & Opening Scene

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Dinner with Fred | Official Trailer

Dinner with Fred | Official Trailer

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The Lost Samurai (2010)

The Lost Samurai (2010)

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Below are samples of films & videos where Kyle served as Music Director.


“Kyle has something rare and marvelous inside of him that can't be bought, taught or falsified - something that infuses each and every note that he writes with the wisdom, gravity, honesty and boundless life of his considerable soul. His music is not only an honor to the films he scores, but to our ears, our hearts, and to music itself.” 


- Ben Proudfoot, Director of Dinner with Fred


“Kyle has an amazing ability to translate emotion into music, his keen sense of passion and understanding makes him a joy to work with, and he gives the smallest of compositional details his all.”


- Matt Zien, Director of Prince Charming


“...his original compositions are outstanding - diverse, intelligent, fresh, compelling, and best of all, one wants to hear them again and again!”


- Gil Donatelli, Guitarist & Music Educator


“Kyle has an incredible gift in scoring. I came to him knowing very little about film scoring and he was able to incorporate my broad, general ideas with his talent and creativity. He is very dedicated, talented, cooperative, and can still produce beautiful work under the pressure of deadlines.” 


- Amanda Ashley, Director of Let Go


“As a filmmaker, you always have these ideas in your mind about how your movie will turn out absolutely perfect, but sometimes the product you end up with doesn't match up to that vision. In terms of music, though, that's just not the case when you're working with Kyle. He has an innate ability to sense what you are looking for, and an even greater ability to surprise you with astonishingly beautiful results. If my predictions count for anything, I can assure you that Kyle Malkin will be big in the near future - and deservingly so!”


- Sunit Rohant, Director of Le Bouton Rouge


“Working with Kyle was a dream! Kyle was extremely professional and always looking to the next step in perfecting the score. His work for me on "Retrospective" showed a level of sophistication and understanding of the film that I barely knew was there. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any and all filmmakers in need of a composer, and hope to work with him again as soon as possible. One of the great up-and-coming composers at USC today!”

- Katie Walker, Director of Retrospective


“Kyle performed far above and beyond my expectations.  Although I was not able to equip him with very specific directions in what I wanted for my game, Kyle provided me with a soundtrack with a quality on par with most movies.  Not only was his work of the best quality, but it was also completed very quickly and long before a deadline we both agreed upon.  There is little doubt in my mind that if I were to need a top quality score in the future, Kyle Malkin would be the composer to provide it.”


- Ben Reese, Game Designer of God Game


"In the same way I direct my actors while filming, Kyle composes music that is all about telling the story. He loves film, and he knows film."


- Yuta Okamura, Director of The Lost Samurai


"I was referred to Kyle only a week and a half before the premiere of my short film, Showdown.  In that amount of time, he was able to compose a fantastic score, work in all of my notes, and hold a full 7-hour recording session. Kyle was always willing to make time to meet with me, working around both of our insane schedules, and exhibited extreme enthusiasm and passion for his music as well as for my project."


- Cassandra Chowdhury, Director of Showdown


“Kyle surprised me with his tremendous technical knowledge, as well as a deep sensitivity to marrying the visual language of the cinematic image with the musical language of the score to create an entirely potent mood. He understands where the emotional cues are in a film and can translate them into music that fits at once into the movie. He is always open to collaboration and makes the creative process invigorating. My student film "Eden Lost" was given great depth through his music, and his recent work on "The Lost Samurai" has also shown him to have a thorough understanding of multiple musical styles. I am proud to call him a collaborator and, more importantly, a friend.”


      - Sambaran Chatterjee, Director of Eden Lost


“I didn't just choose Kyle because he is an extremely talented composer, but because he is a great guy to work with.... I was confident I was leaving a great deal of the film in good hands. I was really impressed with Kyle's work ethic, and he worked just as hard, or harder, on the film than I did!”


- Dillon Brown, Director of Father/Son


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